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ATTENTION MILITARY AVIATORS PCSing or TDY to Fort Huachuca, Davis Monthan or Luke AFB!
We specialize in Commercial Single Engine Add-Ons for military pilots.
Let us help you get your civilian certificate in just a few weekends.

Please contact us at least two months prior to anticipated start of training to ensure resource and designated examiner availability.

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How many times have you dreamed of flying an airplane or even becoming a professional pilot? Whether it is for pure fun and excitement or pursuing a new career in aviation, learning to fly is surprisingly easier and more affordable than many people think.

T&C Aero can put you in the pilot's seat at any pace or budget you choose. You select any time of day, evening or weekend and the number of training sessions per week that best suits your schedule.  T&C Aero provides full service Part 61 flight training from Sierra Vista Municipal Airport (FHU) in Sierra Vista, Arizona as well as
Safford, AZ (KSAD) and Phoenix/Deer Valley, AZ (KDVT).  We specialize in flight training, endorsements, rental check-outs, and flight reviews.  Unlike other Part 61 instructors we leverage the latest in technology to provide you with the best possible learning experience for your money.  Below are just a few reasons why you should train with us:

In-Flight HD Video & Audio



The aircraft is equipped with a cockpit video system that records each training flight for later study at home. This provides students with a permanent video record of each lesson and affords them a unique opportunity to review lessons learned in each training flight.  Share your flights with others.  Also use for debriefing flights to further absorb learning points of the flight.


In-flight HD video and audio recording improves the effectiveness of every hour you spend in the air. By enabling the replay of complete flights and/or specific flight segments after the flight you will dramatically improve your comprehension, awareness and confidence.  Flight playback functionality also give the instructor the ability to teach from outside the cockpit, enabling debriefing to occur after solo flights.


You receive a video record of every training flight you take with us.


GPS Flight Tracking with Cloud Ahoy


Using these tools you can examine your training flight tracks to almost any level of detail. This is helpful for ground based maneuvers, traffic patterns, cross-country (including traffic pattern entry), approaches and holding patterns, and any phase of flight requiring ground reference.   It is particularly helpful for student solo cross countries as it provides a record that the student can use with the instructor upon return to enable a meaningful critique of the studentís performance.  The flight track data files are provided to the student following each lesson for viewing and analysis between sessions and also enhance understanding of the flight video playback.

Check out an example flight here.


Foreflight & Electronic Flight Bag


The mobile and multi-media capabilities of the Apple IPAD are exploited in your ground training by allowing video and graphic training aids to augment oral instruction and deepen understanding of aeronautical subject matter.

During flight training you will learn to use the in-flight capabilities of the newest Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) software such as Foreflight to vastly improve your situational awareness.  EFB capabilities
include electronic sectional charts with flight tracking, pre flight planning tools, and electronic E6B flight computer capabilities.



Your Instructor

Tim Timmons served over twenty one years in the United States Army before retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2013.  Tim holds a multi-engine Airline Transport Pilot certificate in addition to single engine commercial, seaplane and glider private pilot certificates.   He holds Gold Seal CFI, CFII, and MEI instructor certificates as well as Advanced and Instrument Ground instructor certificates.

In 2013 he earned a Masters Degree in Aerospace Operations from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. After retiring from the Army he served as the Assistant Chief Instructor for Cochise College in Douglas, AZ from 2014 to 2016. He is a two time awardee of the National Association of Flight Instructors Master CFI designation and in 2017 was named Arizona's Flight Instructor of the Year by the FAA. Tim has also been an active member of his community serving as a pilot with the Civil Air Patrol, Flights for Life, Lighthawk, and EAAs Young Eagles program in addition to being AOPA's Airport Support Network representative for Tombstone Airport (P29), Tombstone, Arizona.

Currently Tim is serving as a professional air ambulance pilot flying single pilot IFR operations in the Rockwell 690B Turbo Commander out of Safford, Arizona.


Need More Info On Flight Training?

Check out these resources for all the information you need on how to get your pilot's certificate, training requirements, cost, and privileges:
Gleim Learn to Fly, Become a Pilot Brochure (PDF)
FAA Student Pilot Guide (PDF)
AOPA's Become a Pilot Website


Training Aircraft

'67 Cessna 150G
Garmin G5 PFD
Continental O-200 100 HP



Flight/Ground Instruction
For all instruction towards Recreational/Sport/Private/Commercial certificate, rental check out, endorsements for complex, high performance, and tailwheel.  Price does not include aircraft rental.
Flight Review Package
Includes one session of both FAA required ground and flight training and endorsement upon successful completion.  (Use of rental aircraft for flight review is not included in price.  See rental rates below.)
Military Pilot Commercial SE Add-on
Ground and flight training required to add commercial SE to your military equivalency ME certificate.  Examiner fee is separate $450.
Call for estimate
Discovery Flight - 45 Minutes
A 45 minute flight around the local area, you fly the aircraft from the left seat, a great way to determine if flight training is for you.
Sightseeing Local Area - 1 Hour
Only available in Safford & Phoenix. See your home and community from a new perspective.
Gift of Flight Package  - 1 Hour
This deluxe package makes the perfect gift for any aviation enthusiast.  Includes one hour of flight, flight instruction, souvenir digital photos, log book, and first flight certificate. 
Includes memorable HD video of the flight for no extra cost.

Spin Training/Endorsement
Includes both ground and flight training.  Endorsements are for CFI Students.  Includes both internal and external HD video with audio of entire flight to amaze your friends!
Aircraft Rental
All rates includes fuel in price.  Rates do not include flight instruction.



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